Why I think everyone should have a sun umbrella

Most of us have pulled the umbrella out of the closet in the hopes that it will keep us dry on a wet Spring day, but have you ever considered using it to block out the sun? A sun umbrella is more than just a fashionable piece to carry through the park. It offers great protection for every member of your family. Here are just some of the benefits of using your sun umbrella.

The best way to keep your skin protected from the sun is to stay indoors or in the shade, but that isn’t always possible when you’re enjoying a walk through the park or on your daily commute. With a sun umbrella, it is. These fashionable pieces will block about 77-percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays, keeping you safe from deadly skin cancer. This is much safer than using large amounts of sunscreen on a daily basis, as these creams and lotions often contain toxic ingredients and multiple chemicals that some believe can harm you with regular use.

In addition to protecting your skin from cancer, carrying an umbrella also helps to keep you from looking older. Even minimal sun exposure causes age spots, wrinkles, and freckles. When you shade your skin from the sun, you prevent many of these things from happening, keeping you looking youthful well into the golden years of life. A great trick to consider is to start using your sun umbrella at the youngest age possible to keep your skin looking beautiful and fresh for years to come.

If you are prone to sweating or becoming uncomfortable on a hot, sunny day, carry a sun umbrella for instant shade and cooling. The temperatures under your fashionable accessory are often several degrees cooler than they are under the beating rays of the sun, keeping you cool and comfortable even in your best work attire or most fashionable suit. This is especially helpful for those required to wear a suit and tie or long sleeves and pantyhose every time they head into the office.

There are many different varieties of umbrellas available, and all will protect you from the sun’s damaging rays. Choose a UV parasol umbrella that is sturdy with a wide cover and that folds up easily into a compact design for storage once you are back indoors. Make it a habit to carry your umbrella everyday, even on cooler days, to keep your skin protected from those damaging UV rays. This is also a great habit for your kids to get into, so encourage them to shade their skin from the sun with an umbrella. They’ll be able to stay safe and use less chemically-based sunscreen on a regular basis.

Sunlight is necessary, but it can also damage your skin, make you prone to some forms of cancer, and leave you feeling uncomfortable too. Use your sun umbrella as protection from all of these things. You’ll feel better and look great too!